Abhay Induction - Dual/ Multi Melting System

Dual Melting Furnaces

Dual / Multi Melting SYSTEM

  • Single Induction Power Supply Having Multiple Outputs
  • Melt or Hold in DUAL OR MULTIPLE Furnaces at the same time.
  • Automatic Maximum Power control.
  • Operator can increase or decrease the power to the required furnace.
  • Very useful for the foundries.
  • Furnace utilisation factor can be increased to 95%
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation.

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Furnace for aluminum Industry

Dual Control

  • Independent control for each Furnace.
  • Independent Instrumentation for the each furnace.
  • Common Instrumentation for the Input Power.
  • Automatic power Sharing as demanded by the operator.
  • Common Computer with multiple options for operator.

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Dual Chamber Heat Treat Furnaces