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Snubber Diode Snubber Capacitor

We are occupied in providing huge range of Snubber Diode Snubber Capacitors that are used for high current and pulse application. This Snubber is a device used to restrain voltage transients in electrical systems, pressure transients in fluid system or excess power or quick movement in automatic systems. These Snubber Circuits are used in semiconductor devices for protection and performance enhancements. They have many different purposes, namely the reduction of power dissipation in power electronic switching networks. Snubber capacitors are manufactured under conditions of huge volume production, but are also obtainable in small quantities as individually configurable high-rel. Snubber circuits are essential for diodes used in switching circuits. It can save a diode from overvoltage spikes, which may arise during the reverse recovery process. We are maintained by a high-tech infrastructure, a strong logistic backup and experienced staffs that take care of customers and suppliers. Moreover, we have the capacity to offer precise solutions to our customers by means of supplying standard as well as modified products. Our technical staff works diligently to contribute to the manufacturing industry by designing and developing dimensionally precise and efficient instruments.

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